What We Learned In College Football Week 2

Who’s Up?

Billy Price, C, Ohio State:  If you are an Ohio State Buckeye fan you probably aren’t feeling that great today. Your team got stomped Saturday by a good Oklahoma team at home. The last time Ohio State has looked like a national contender was last November when they beat Michigan. Your expectations of this season are down but it is not because of C Billy Price. Price can play any of the interior line spots. He is one of the strongest young men in college football and will have a big combine because of it. He also shows excellent technique, fire, and footwork. Price will be starting for an NFL team either at OG or C next fall. I expect Price to be in the conversation for the first interior offensive lineman off the board.

Who’s Down?

Luke Falk, QB, Washington State:  In a year with so many QB draft prospects there isn’t a lot of room for someone like Luke Falk to have a bad outing and stay in the first round conversation. Falk left the game twice Saturday night against Boise State. His first exit was due to ineffectiveness which was capped off by a key interception. Falk re-entered the game later on but had to leave again after taking a hard hit. Falk will need to get healthy and be strong the rest of the way from here on out.

I See You

Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville:  Lamar Jackson was the most exciting player in college football last year and he still is this year. Jackson has delivered on his promises that he would look more like an NFL QB during his JR year compared to last year’s sophomore Heisman Trophy winning campaign. He has done a better job getting to his second and third progressions this year, his footwork looks cleaner, his velocity and touch improved, and most importantly he was able to add 10 pounds to his thin frame. While each of those areas in Jackson’s game has gotten better there is still room for improvement. For every five plays that Lamar makes that impress there might be one play that frustrates. All eyes will be on Lamar this Saturday as they host the reigning champ in Clemson.

Who is The Winner of The Main Event? Saturday Film Session Week 2

Orlando Brown vs. Ohio State Edge Defenders

Before I declare the easy and obvious winner of this match-up I would like to give a quick disclaimer. The disclaimer is that Baker Mayfield does a lot as a QB to make everyone on Oklahoma’s offense look better. He is a true field general and has a great sense of where everyone on the field is. He rarely puts any of his teammates in an uncomfortable position.

Now with that out of the way, Orlando Brown, and the rest of Oklahoma’s offensive line did more than hold their own against the vaunted Ohio State defensive line Saturday night. Brown is a stud and a very large human being. Everyone will look at his size and assume that he will have to play RT in the NFL as he won’t be able to slide quick enough against speed rushers at the next level. His feet are much better than advertised and he has the long reach to be effective on the blind side if that is where he is needed. Brown was asked to pull and trap a lot and shows the ability to get to his assignment and get to the second level when called to do so. Orlando has good strength and is always going to be difficult to get off his block.

Everyone had a crack at lining up over Brown Saturday night starting with Hubbard. Brown won each individual matchup throughout the night rather easily. On one occasion Bosa was able to get past him from a wide 9 position but the ball was out in time before he was able to make an impact on the play. There was one other play where Ohio State blitzed off of Brown’s edge and Orlando was helping inside. It is unclear whether it was Brown’s responsibility to pick up the blitz or not. There were several players that will be in the NFL that battled in the tranches Saturday night but no one looked stronger Saturday night than Orlando Brown.

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