What We Learned In College Football Week 10

Who’s Up?

DJ Chark, WR, LSU:  DJ Chark was excluded from my most recent top 64 big board. The more I watch Chark the more convinced I am that leaving him off this list was a mistake. Chark has good size, will test well at the combine, and has quietly been very productive for LSU this season. Chark is a dangerous player with the ball in his hands. Whether he is lined up at WR, returning kicks/punts, or even carrying the rock from the backfield, DJ is a guy that opposing teams must locate before the snap.

Who’s Down?

Adonis Alexander, CB, Virginia Tech:  Everyone, like a lot of prospects this early in the process, has a different opinion and projection for Alexander. Mine, to be frank, isn’t very high. Alexander is a big and physical CB that may project better as a safety in the NFL. His play in coverage has been inconsistent this season and he has been in the VT dog house as well. Alexander has good size and has enough talent but at this point he has more questions than answers.

I See You

Devin White, LB, LSU:  I recently had someone ask why I haven’t taken notice of LSU LB Devin White. I certainly have taken notice of White but the only reason I haven’t given him any love until this point is that he is a true sophomore and not draft eligible. While it is certainly way too early to put a specific ranking on him you can expect to see White’s name on my 2019 preseason top 50 list next summer.

Donte Pettis, WR, Washington:  It is official. No one has returned as many punts for touchdowns in the NCAA as Washington senior Donte Pettis. Pettis returned his fourth punt of the season to the house Saturday against Oregon in a convincing Husky win over the Ducks. Pettis is a very dynamic and sudden returner who always seems to have his blocks mapped out before they develop. Pettis may never be a true number one WR in the NFL but is certainly a guy that will not be a liability in the passing game either. I think Pettis has the chance to be a day two prospect.

Who is The Winner of The Main Event?

Bradley Chubb vs. Clelin Ferrell  Saturday Film Session Week 10

Ferrell, very quietly so, had a dominant performance against NC State on Saturday. Clelin lines up almost exclusively at RE for the Tigers and hardly ever misses a snap. He has been a productive pass rusher on the season. The sack total isn’t as high as you would expect of a player of Ferrell’s quality but it is important to consider the rest of the talent in Clemson’s front. It often becomes a race to the opposing QB. Clelin is well coached and it was perhaps never more evident than on Saturday. Ferrell did a great job on more plays than I could count setting a hard edge and keeping contain on NC State backs. It is a thing of beauty watching Ferrell force a RB back inside and then pouncing on the ball carrier with his explosive quickness. Play recognition is something that Ferrell excells in. Clelin recorded 12 tackles, 1 sack, and 5 tackles for loss on Saturday.

I have watched Bradley Chubb dominate several games from the DE position for NC State. This was not one of them. Chubb only got into the backfield and influenced a couple of passing plays on the game. In fact, he managed to steal the towel from Clemson QB Kelly Bryant’s belt three more times than he had recorded sacks. Weird. Unlike Ferrell, Chubb lined up on the left and the right side depending on the look that Clemson was giving on offense. He also stood up for certain plays and put his hand in the dirt for others. Chubb was never the first player off the snap Saturday and will need to improve on his quickness off the ball to dominate Sundays like he is able to dominate in college. Bradley didn’t look extremely athletic when he was caught in space. A second half Clemson touchdown, which was luckily called back for a penalty, was on an option play where Chubb didn’t take away the QB or the back on the play allowing the Tigers to pick up big yards on the score. Bradley is a true three down defender as his size is tough to block on running plays.

Bradley Chubb probably has a higher ceiling and has been more more productive than Clelin Ferrell this season. While Chubb will continue to rank higher on my board than Ferrell, Ferrell came on top for the week.






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