What We Learned In College Football Week 13

Who’s Up?

Equanimeous St. Brown, WR, Notre Dame:  It did not seem any more likely than a flip of a coin rather St. Brown was going to play or not going into Saturday as he was recovering from a concussion. Well, St. Brown played and he produced his best game of the season. The bulk of his yardage came on a 75 yard touchdown that saw Equanimeous do most of his work after the catch down the left sideline. St. Brown has the size, the speed, and the ability to get open that NFL teams will like. St. Brown hasn’t been as productive as I would have expected this season. It will be interesting to see if St. Brown decides to declare for the draft or go back to South Bend for his senior season.

I See You

Jarrett Stidham, QB, Auburn:  Stidham is very hard QB to evaluate when you consider the offense that Auburn runs. Auburn wants to beat you running the ball and they want to create mismatches across the field using motion. With that said, when Stidham stands in the pocket he looks like a true NFL QB. He has a very strong and accurate arm and plays within the system well. He only has four interceptions on the year so he also does a nice job protecting the football. I would expect Stidham to return to Auburn next season and it will be interesting to see if they tailor the offense around his talents more next year.

Who is The Winner of The Main Event?

Maurice Hurst vs. Billy Price  Saturday Film Session Week 13

While neither Hurst nor Price played poorly, neither senior dominated this game like they both have in other games this year either. It was also disappointing that Hurst only lined up directly over Price on rare occasions Saturday.

Price is freakishly strong at the point of attack. He also gets to the second level as well as any center in college football. Ohio State often has Price pull and trap on their power run plays to take advantage of Billy’s athleticism. Ohio State had a hard time at least early on winning the line of scrimmage against a very strong Michigan defensive front. Price did his part, however, and seemed to connect on all of the blocks you would expect him to. There were a few uncharacteristic mistakes that Price made on the day. The first two errors were unforced and will drive a coach nuts. The first play was a bad snap on 3rd down forcing OSU to punt. The second unforced mistake also came on third down as Price was called for a false start backing the Buckeyes offense up even more. The third mistake I noticed happened during the course of a play. Price was late getting to Rashan Gary on an inside stunt. Price got caught helping his LG and ended up missing Gary coming right up the middle.

Hurst has dominated in nearly every game he has played this season to date. Mo very often wins because he is the first player off the snap. While Hurst had several plays where he was able to penetrate due to this initial burst it wasn’t as consistent as we have been accustomed to this year. Hurst made a couple of nice plays during the game although he wasn’t able to affect the game as directly as Michigan probably hoped that he would. There were a couple of instances where it looked as though Ohio State took advantage of his aggressiveness (not sure if it was by design or not) by running through his gap after he had already been escorted in the backfield. It will be interesting to see what system Hurst will be placed into as a NFL defensive lineman as he seems to have the ability to play in even or odd fronts.

Neither player, in my opinion, did a lot to improve their draft projection for this spring but I do need to pick a winner. I will give Price the win by a narrow margin on the grounds that he helped lead Ohio State to the win and helped them transition unexpectedly to a freshmen QB mid-game. I am already looking forward to next year’s edition of Ohio State vs Michigan and grading out Nick Bosa vs Rashan Gary.

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